I'll be adding pictures as time & Lester allow.

I play B. C. Rich, Cort, Dean, ESP, Framus 12-string acoustic, Gary Kramer Guitars, Gibson Kramer, Gibson Les Paul, Gibson J47 (I think) jazz acoustic guitar, Custom, Godin, Ibanez, Ernie Ball Music Man, Raven, Samick, Shecter Guitar Research, Steinberger, Washburn & custom guitars, Cort, Dean, Ernie Ball Music Man, Kramer, Ibanez, Samick, Shecter Guitar Research, Steinberger and custom-made basses, and a custom 10-string stick.

The lavender Kramertorium and the two black Turbulence 7-string guitars were made by Gary Kramer Guitars in El Segundo, CA.

The Kramer 8-string "Bitch" bass was made by Gary Kramer back in 1981, a birthday gift from Kat to Chuck in 2009.

The fretless 6-string bass was custom made by our friend Gene in Berkeley, California.

The dark magenta "Hoshi" custom headstock-free 6-string and the black 6-string fretless electric guitar were custom-made in Wuhan, PRC, by Ho Shin Li.

Pedals & effects are BOSS, DigiTech, eBow, Korg, Red Zone, Morley & Ibanez.

We use Nord, Roland and Korg synthesizers & vocoders as well as Yamaha & Korg synth controllers & pads, Yamaha drum synths and Sennheiser microphones.

The Lone Grand Piano has been augmented by a Bosendorfer, and a 1910 German Steinway  concert grand and yeah, it sounds better than the Bechstein we used to have.

One classical guitar is custom-made in Spain with Fishman electronics, the other is a Degas.

The Portuguese Fado guitar was custom-made in Portugal, a gift from Chuck's late father who refused to understand Chuck doesn't have a lot of call for Fado. It's what Chuck uses for the mandolin parts. There is no Fado in Dystopia. It's why we have speed, power & neo-classical metal.

Chuck also plays a dulcimer made by his father as well as a balalaika his Dad made.

Amplification is by BlackHeart Engineering, Marshall, Behrenger and Randall.

Harmonicas are by Hohner.

The Sustainiac circuit was developed by Fernandes.

Computer software includes Propellerhead Reason & Record, FL Studio, Audacity, MuseScore. Steinberg CuBase and in-house developed music software. (Chuck keeps a hand in computer programming in case he has to go out and get a real job.)

Notes: The Dean Thinline Resonator is mostly tuned DADGAD because it sounds nice. It sees a lot of different tunings depending on the composition, but DADGAD is the default.

The Rich Ironbird Special Edition uses dropped-A tuning.

The B.C. Rich 7-string V, the black Ibanez 7-string & one GKG Turbulence 7-sting are tuned normally, with a low B, the other Turbulence is tuned with a dropped-A 7th string.

The black Shecter 6-string is tuned Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb. It's used heavily in metal and with normally-tuned instruments to generate open-string dissonant notes in some esoteric scale combinations.

The Dean Barchetta used for some slide parts is normal tuning, and we don't know why so many people ask about that. It's just a great guitar.

    chuck oldman

    Musician, writer, composer, programmer, vegetarian, animal lover, open-wheel racing lover, lover, father, mentor, alcoholic sober 30 years come October 6, 2011.


    September 2011